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An electronic medical record (EMR) is a medical record in digital format.

In health informatics, an electronic medical record is considered by some to be one of several types of EHRs (electronic health records), but in several contexts EMR and EHR are used as synonymous. The term has sometimes included other systems which keep track of medical information, such as the practice management system which supports the electronic medical record.

Electronic Medical Records Job: Project Manager
As a project manager of the electronic medical records team, this electronic medical records job manages projects for new customers and assists in successful rollouts of electronic medical records system for clients. Also manages projects for electronic medical records for new software releases and functionality. REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is required. 3-5 Years of previous work related experience in the area of understanding data processing, business processes and project management is required. Required, preferred in a health care setting.

Electronic Medical Records Job: Consultant
Help ensure the quality of resident's electronic medical records through chart reviews and audits of open and closed records. Notify interdisciplinary staff if electronic medical record chart documentation is not done or incomplete. Assemble and analyzed discharge (closed) medical records for completeness. Enter resident's diagnoses into facility electronic medical record keeping program and update as necessary. Review Medicare Part B, superbill claims and code diagnoses each week. As necessary, check Medicare or other insurance claims against electronic medical record chart documentation to ensure correct diagnoses. Ensure discharge summaries are completed ina timely manner according to Department of Health regulations. Maintain an organized and secure electronic medical record file room for discharge records and active resident's chart deletions. Retain electronic medical records according to state guidelines for records retention and aide in their destruction and proper disposal.




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